SolTrans Service Improvements

SolTrans has identified potential improvements to the fixed route system that would provide for more safe, effective and efficient service.  These improvements, which are summarized below, are also aimed at meeting travel demands and improving service productivity metrics, including on-time performance, and increasing passenger trips.

1)   Route 78:

  • Eliminate the layover on the last inbound trip (towards the Vallejo Transit Center – VTC) at Military/First St., which is not necessary.  This will improve the efficiency and reduce the operating cost of the Route 78.

2)   Route 7:

  • Establish the first timepoint on the first trip of the morning at Admiral Callaghan and Rotary (in front of the Honda Dealership).  A bus is already travelling in this area, and this allows passengers in housing to the north of Redwood Parkway to catch the bus without crossing the street.
  • Bus stops to be relocated, due to safety concerns.  See attached service improvement listing.

3)   Route 3:

  • Reduce layover time at the VTC from 16 to 12 minutes per trip.
  • Extension to Cal Maritime Academy.
  • Bus stops to be added for new service areas.
  • Bus stops to be relocated, due to safety concerns.  See attached service improvement listing.

To view the proposed route extension to Cal Maritime Academy, please click here:

Proposed Route 3 Extension

4)   Limited Service Routes  (LSR) – Serving Schools

  • Continue providing some level of limited, fixed route service that serves various schools in Vallejo and Benicia, primarily for students who do not have access to school bus service or an existing fixed route.  The routes will need to be designed around bell times and the 2013-14 school schedules, both of which are still being finalized by the Benicia Unified School District (BUSD) and the Vallejo City Unified School District (VCUSD).
  •  SolTrans will work closely with both BUSD and VCUSD to insure that LSRs are designed to get students to and from school at bell times and to insure that all students are informed of the SolTrans services.
  • Two weeks prior to the start of the new school year, SolTrans is planning to host back-to-school fairs in both Benicia and Vallejo to help provide information to parents and students.

To view additional route specific information regarding these proposed service improvements, please click here:

Service Improvement Listing

SolTrans is actively pursuing community and stakeholder feedback regarding proposed changes to fixed route service.  Please submit your feedback by June 14, 2013.

For more information about these proposed changes to service, please contact Customer Service at: 707- 648-4666.  Customer comment forms are available at the bottom of each website page.

To read more about how service improvements are made, visit our Planning page on our website:

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