ROUTE 78: Temporary bus stops in the event of another BART strike

Another BART strike may occur on Monday, August 5, 2013.  In the event of a BART Strike, SolTrans will connect to the Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek BART Stations at temporary bus stop locations.


SolTrans buses will pick-up passengers and layover at the following temporary locations:

Pleasant Hill BART Station:
Passenger pick-up on Oak Road
Bus layover area on Las Juntas Way

Walnut Creek BART Station:
Passenger pick-up on Pringle Ave. (at the temporary County Connection Route 21 bus stop).
Bus layover on Riviera Ave.

The Route 78 fare and schedule remain unchanged. For more information on commute alternatives during the possible strike, call 511 or go to

Pleasant Hill BART Station Temporary Bus Stop:


Walnut Creek BART Station Temporary Bus Stops:


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