Route 15 & 17 Changes Effective September 30, 2013

Route 15 & 17 Approved Changes

Effective September 30, 2013

SolTrans will operate a new schedule for limited service Routes 15 & 17 starting Monday, September 30, 2013.  The approved changes reflect input received during the Public Comment period and result in a more accurate schedule that better aligns with passenger travel times, given the change in school schedules, particularly earlier Friday dismissals.

Changes Route 15 Route 17
Morning trips to start 6 minutes earlier to allow second trip to be used by Middle School


No change

Afternoon, Monday through Thursday trips to start either 5 minutes earlier or later to better align with school times

earlier start

later start

Align schedule for early Friday dismissal of both Benicia High School and Middle School, starting routes at 1:10PM



Update schedule to show two Friday trips on specific dates, per Benicia High School early release calendar for 2013-2014



Update time points  to better reflect travel times given traffic, traffic signals, geography, and passenger loading




Please see the new schedule at the link below, or ask the driver for a new schedule.   The new schedule will be effective September 30, 2013.

Routes 15 and 17 – Limited Service Schedule

We would like to thank those that participated in our public outreach processes, and are pleased to have been able to accommodate many passenger requests. Although we cannot accommodate every request, each one is reviewed and carefully considered.

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