August 2015 Service Improvements

Effective August 15, 2015

In May 2015, the SolTrans Board approved the service improvements for August 2015.  The improvements are an extension of the Board Approved January 2015 Fixed Route Improvements and include updates to the limited service routes, minor updates to schedules to accurately reflect travel time, and removal of a local route interline for operational efficiency and passenger ease of use.

Summary of August 15, 2015 Service Improvements


  • Route 12 (limited service route) and Route 2:  Route 12 is eliminated. Passengers will use Routes 1 and 2 with a timed connection at Sereno Transit Center. Two designated weekday trips on Route 2 Inbound to Vallejo Transit Center will stop at Solano Middle School.
  • Routes 15 & 17 (limited service routes):  No changes to schedule times for 2015-2016 school year.  All Friday trips will operate on all Fridays that schools are open. Specific operating days adjusted based on school calendars.
  • Routes 6/8:  On most trips, buses will remain on either Route 6 or Route 8 and will not change route number at Hogan Middle School.
  • Route 8:  Departs from the Vallejo Transit Center at the top of the hour, instead of at the half hour, to connect when most buses meet at the Vallejo Transit Center.
  • Route 85:  Update the schedule to reflect the actual travel time between the Vallejo and Sereno Transit Centers along Mare Island Way.  This shifts departure times by 2-3 minutes on the outbound trips, and reduces the layover at Solano Town Center.  Connections to Fairfield & Suisun Transit are not impacted.

Routes 2, 4, 78, 80s and 80 received minor adjustments, from layout to corrections of misprints and adjustments of 1-2 minutes at limited time points to more accurately reflect travel time.

Final Schedules effective August 15, 2015


Route 2

Route 4

Route 6 and 8

Route 15 and 17

Route 78

Route 80s

Route 80

Route 85


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