SolTrans Curtola Park & Ride Hub Update

Effective October 19, 2015

The SolTrans Curtola Park & Ride Hub is not yet open, though it is well over 90% complete. SolTrans is waiting for a permanent power source to be established by PG&E, and certain pieces of work cannot be done until that occurs. Due to the fires in Lake County, PG&E’s northern California resources have been primarily deployed to that area to assist with recovery efforts. Once the power source has been connected, and weather permitting, we estimate we can open by the end of December 2015. However, this may change. SolTrans will post updates to our website as information becomes available.

Since the September Board meeting, the following achievements have been met:


  • Eleven 18 feet tall palm trees;
  • Stormwater pollution and prevention elements;
  • Canopy structures for the transit platform;
  • A Ribbon Cutting event occurred at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday October 14, 2015.


  • Striping for parking spaces;
  • New “compass” in transit platform area;
  • Installing signs and monuments;
  • Installing 36” and 42” railings;
  • Building the structure for the security/restroom/kiosk facility;
  • Landscaping for median islands and project site;
  • Installing solar array system on canopy;
  • Installing two new traffic signal systems;
  • Installing electrical for charging stations, parking pay machines, lighting and security cameras.

For more information about the project, or to view the Parking Plan, please visit, call 707-553-4855, or email


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