Bus Service to SolTrans Curtola Park and Ride Hub – One Final Step

Before resuming bus service to the Hub, the final step will be to complete the installation of a traffic signal at the bus driveway on Curtola Pkwy.

Crosswalk Curtola Pkwy    Traffic signal Curtola Pkwy

Curtola Pkwy is a very busy street, particularly during rush hour. The traffic signal will create a protected left turn for buses, as well as stop vehicular traffic for pedestrians crossing in the marked crosswalk to cross the street safely. Our staff has been working with the City of Vallejo, our contractor, and PG&E to mitigate the installation of the signal.

To read about the project, click here.

Once we complete the installation of the traffic signal, we will post notices on our website and buses with the date service will resume to the Hub. Sign up to receive notices by email at

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