Holiday Sleigh Ride

Effective Friday, December 2, 2016, from 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

FREE roundtrip shuttle rides for Benicia’s Tree Lighting.

SolTrans will provide two routes, Sleigh Ride 15 and Sleigh Ride 17, which will operate between 5:30 and 9:30 pm to bring people to and from Benicia’s Tree Lighting.

Sleigh Ride 15
Benicia High School West 14th/  Military Rose Drive/  Cambridge Rose Drive/ Windsor Solano/
Warwick Drive/  Chelsea Hills East 5th/L East E/       East 2nd
5:30 5:34 5:38 5:42 5:47 5:52 6:02 6:07
6:15 6:19 6:23 6:27 6:32 6:37 6:47 6:52
7:00 7:04 7:08 7:12 7:17 7:22 7:32 7:47
7:55 7:59 8:03 8:07 8:12 8:17 8:27 8:52
9:00 9:04 9:08 9:12 9:17 9:22
Sleigh Ride 17
Benicia High School Hastings/ Southampton Hastings/ Rose Rose Drive/ Panorama East 3rd/ Viewmont East 5th/L East E/      East 2nd
5:30 5:34 5:39 5:42 5:48 5:56 6:00
6:08 6:12 6:17 6:20 6:26 6:34 6:38
6:45 6:49 6:54 6:57 7:03 7:11 7:25
7:32 7:36 7:41 7:44 7:50 7:58 8:02
8:10 8:14 8:19 8:22 8:28 8:36 9:00
9:08 9:12 9:17 9:20 9:26    
PM times indicated in BOLD

16-benicia-tree-lighting-card-v3-2benicia-tree-lighting-flier-aaHoliday Sleigh RideMap & Schedule


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December Dollar Days!

Effective December 2016

Ride SolTrans Local bus routes for only $0.25 cash fare or purchase a Local Day Pass on the bus for only $1.00 through the month of December.

Ride SolTrans Local bus routes on weekends in December for FREE!

Offer not valid on Solano Express routes.

20160805-soltrans-dec-dollar-days-car-card-v3 December Dollar Days

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Saturday Shopping on Route 20

Effective Saturday, November 26, 2016

To provide access to Thanksgiving weekend shopping, SolTrans will operate local Route 20 on both Friday and Saturday.

Ride FREE as part of our RIDE LOCAL, SHOP LOCAL promotion on all SolTrans local fixed routes!

Route 20 Schedule




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Saturday Shopping: Routes 78 & 85

Saturdays from November 26th through December 24th, 2016

Every Saturday, Thanksgiving through Christmas, buy an Express Day Pass on Route 78 or 85 for only $2.00, or pay $1.00 cash fare each trip!


Can only be purchased on the bus. Not available on Route 80. Valid Saturdays only:  November 26, December 3, 10, 17 & 24, 2016.


20160805-saturday-shopping-v4 Saturday Shopping, Routes 78 & 85

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Rider Alert: No Thanksgiving Day Service

Effective Thursday, November 24, 2016

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, SolTrans buses will not operate on Thursday, November 24, 2016.

The Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, the roue 20 will operate on a weekday schedule. All other routes will operate on a Saturday schedule.

Regular service will resume on Sunday, November 27, 2016.

Thanksgiving Holiday Alert


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Thanksgiving Day Shuttle

Effective Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24, 2016

Vallejo Together and SolTrans are coming together to bring the community together this Thanksgiving Day.  Seniors, and anyone in need who’s looking for a meal, are welcome to a free Thanksgiving feast held at the Moose Lodge in Vallejo.

SolTrans will operate a shuttle between the Florence Douglas Senior Center and the Moose Lodge with scheduled stops along the way.  Vallejo Together will be serving Thanksgiving Day lunches as well as preparing take-home bags including canned foods and other non-perishables.

Please call Vallejo Together at (707) 655-5381 to reserve your spot.

Thanksgiving Day Shuttle Schedules

flier-thanksgiving-day-shuttle-11-17-16-aa-edits_page_1 flier-thanksgiving-day-shuttle-11-17-16-aa-edits_page_2

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Special Revision: Route 20

Effective Monday, November 14, 2016

SolTrans is implementing special revisions to Route 20 to improve reliability on the recently extended route to provide a better customer experience.

The special revisions include:

  • Lightly used stops on Fairgrounds Drive and Sereno Drive east of Tuolumne are being eliminated.
  • Vallejo Corners (Target Shopping Center) will connect to the hospitals via Redwood Pkwy to Tuolumne Street.
  • A bus stop will be added on Military East at East 5th Street in Benicia.  To reduce delays along 1st Street, the bus will loop from City Park to East H, East I, East 5th, then Military East then passing City Park traveling towards Vallejo.
  • The route will operate every 120 minutes to accurately reflect the actual travel time needed for the route.

Please check route schedules at when planning your trips, as changes in time points on the Route 20 may affect your connections.  Information is being posted at all affected stops and at key stops within Benicia and Vallejo.

SolTrans will continue to review the Route, and would like to hear from route riders how the service is working after the changes.

Route 20



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SolTrans Celebrates 100 Years of History in Solano County


Local artist Mark Eanes’ artwork on public display at SolTrans facility


The SolTrans public transit system, serving the southern Solano County communities of Vallejo, Benicia and beyond, is a transit agency that truly thinks globally but acts locally.

While SolTrans’ notable claim to fame may be its commitment to global sustainability through a fleet of hybrid buses and all-electric buses, one of its more recent contributions to the community has a very local focus—and is jam-packed with fascinating local history.

If you’ve recently popped into the front entrance of SolTrans’ Operation and Maintenance Facility in downtown Vallejo, you may have seen a 9-foot-long, jigsaw-shaped, multimedia mural that cleverly mixes photos and paintings of settings from the last hundred years of Vallejo and Benicia history.

The installation actually tells a very specific story.

It’s called “Wheel of Time,” and it’s the winner of SolTrans’ recent call to artists that solicited submissions of original artwork to embellish the entrance area. The winning submission was unveiled in late April at an art unveiling event at the facility, capping off a call-to-artists process that featured submissions from more than 20 local artists from within Solano County.

“Wheel of Time” was created by Mark Eanes, a painter, printmaker and photographer who combined all three of those facets into this one fascinating piece of art. Eanes describes the work as “a historical narrative of South Solano County’s mass transit program for over a century,” and combined a number of snapshots of buses, vehicles and cars in Solano County from the early 1900s to the modern day.

But “Wheel of Time” embellishes this photographic historical narrative with Eanes’ signature mixed-media abstractions of painting and printmaking to create a visually striking work of art that can be seen here.

The work was created with additional help and resources from the Vallejo Naval Historical Museum and the Benicia Historical Museum, and explores the history of connecting those two communities dating back to the early 20th century and the establishment of the Vallejo Bus Company and the Benicia-Vallejo Stage Line.

The call to artists focused on soliciting submissions specifically from Vallejo and Benicia artists, a sign of SolTrans’ investment and focus on the two primary municipalities the transit system serves.

Winning artist Mark Eanes has been living and painting in Benicia for more than 20 years, and his work has been shown nationally and internationally. An associate professor of art at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, Eanes also has a 25-foot mural on display at the new wing of Kaiser Hospital in Vallejo and is a former president and current board member of the nonprofit Arts Benicia.

Eanes’ “Wheel Of Time” isn’t the only work of locally produced art on display at the SolTrans Operation and Maintenance Facility. SolTrans also commissioned Vallejo-based painter Jeff Snell to create a painting in honor of SolTrans employee of the year in maintenance, Rigo Ortega. Snell’s painting depicts Ortega at work in the maintenance facility, a recognition of the behind-the-scenes labor and toil that goes into keeping SolTrans operating smoothly and a noteworthy display of SolTrans’ acknowledgements to its staff and its hometown community.

Head on down to the SolTrans Operation and Maintenance Facility on Broadway Street in Vallejo to see these remarkable works of art in person, and appreciate their homage to SolTrans’ hardworking employees and the hardworking communities that SolTrans serves.

And then hitch a ride around Vallejo, Benicia and all points of interest in southern Solano on the SolTrans, a modern-day transit system with a long and storied history that has Solano County transportation down to an art form.

Explore the unique communities of Vallejo and Benicia on these popular SolTrans routes, where SolTrans delivers safe, reliable and efficient transportation services that effectively link people, jobs and their communities.


Story Contributors: Joe Kukura and Gayle Peterson

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New SolTrans App MyRide Combines High Tech With Low Fares


Thanks to a new app that launched in June, SolTrans commuters in Solano County now have all the smartphone convenience of an Uber or Lyft—yet still only pay a fraction of the fare. Now, public transit riders in Vallejo, Benicia and beyond can get real-time locations and arrival times of every SolTrans bus in operation thanks to the MyRide app for iOS and Android. Just like the other rideshare apps, MyRide tells you exactly where and when your bus will arrive, so you know how long your wait time will be at any particular stop.

But the powerful MyRide app does more than just provide real-time bus locations and arrival/departure times. MyRide can also help you plan the route for your trip with SolTrans route maps right on your phone. It can also send you text alerts when your bus is close to arriving, and lists the closest bus stops complete with walking directions from wherever you are.

The MyRide app is free for both iOS and Android, and SolTrans still maintains its same low fares. With SolTrans and MyRide, you get the perfect mix of high tech and low cost.

If you want a sneak preview of how MyRide works, you can try MyRide on your computer to see exactly what it does. Using MyRide on your desktop requires no signup or registration, and is also very handy when trying to schedule your commute to or from work.

Simply click on the MyRide SolTrans link and you’ll see an interactive map of Solano County with every Soltrans route listed on the left-hand side. Clicking on any route will display that route’s map, the location of each bus in operation and each stop that bus makes. And when you click on the bus stop, you’ll see real-time displays of when that bus will arrive at that particular stop.

Feel free to test out the other MyRide features on your computer as well, like the Trip Planner that helps you set the exact course of your trip or the Set Alert feature that sends you an email alert before your bus’s arrival.

However, using the free MyRide app right on your smartphone does all this and more. Once you download MyRide, just click on “SolTrans” and MyRide displays every bus route on the SolTrans system. Click on a route and you get a route map showing the location of each bus and bus stop, just like on a desktop. Click on the bus and you see how many people are on board. Click on the stop and you get the exact time at which the bus will be arriving/departing from that stop.

The MyRide app also displays all of the SolTrans stops closest to you (along with the next arrival/departure time), a Trip Planner that plans your trip from door to door, and alerts that will send you handy departure-time push notifications with however much advance notice you prefer.

MyRide was developed by Avail Technologies. Avail Technologies has been around for more than 15 years and is dedicated to public transit solutions. And unlike most rideshare apps, MyRide actually offers a customer support telephone number in addition to email customer support.

And MyRide isn’t just for SolTrans. MyRide has integrations with Petaluma Transit, Napa VTA and Santa Rosa CityBus for when you’re getting around outside Solano County.

MyRide eliminates the need for transit maps, timetables and advance planning, because MyRide delivers all of this information right to your smartphone screen. Download the MyRide app today for a digital GPS transit tracking service that even the biggest Silicon Valley cities can’t offer. You won’t miss a bus again, and you sure won’t miss waiting around wondering when the next bus is coming.

With the MyRide app, you’ll never be late or lost again (well, not in Solano County, at least), and you’ll learn to better app-reciate the full SolTrans experience.


Story Contributors:  Joe Kukura and Gayle Peterson

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