Special Revision: Route 20

Effective Monday, November 14, 2016

SolTrans is implementing special revisions to Route 20 to improve reliability on the recently extended route to provide a better customer experience.

The special revisions include:

  • Lightly used stops on Fairgrounds Drive and Sereno Drive east of Tuolumne are being eliminated.
  • Vallejo Corners (Target Shopping Center) will connect to the hospitals via Redwood Pkwy to Tuolumne Street.
  • A bus stop will be added on Military East at East 5th Street in Benicia.  To reduce delays along 1st Street, the bus will loop from City Park to East H, East I, East 5th, then Military East then passing City Park traveling towards Vallejo.
  • The route will operate every 120 minutes to accurately reflect the actual travel time needed for the route.

Please check route schedules at when planning your trips, as changes in time points on the Route 20 may affect your connections.  Information is being posted at all affected stops and at key stops within Benicia and Vallejo.

SolTrans will continue to review the Route, and would like to hear from route riders how the service is working after the changes.

Route 20



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