April 2018 Service Improvements


Please check the schedules when planning your trips, as changes in time points may affect your connections. Service Improvements for the following routes will go into effect Sunday, April 08, 2018.

  • Route 7
    Moved mid-day departures from Vallejo Transit Center 5 minutes later to provide transfers to the Route 1.
  • Route 20
    The 7:24 am trip on the Route 20 Westbound/Outbound from Benicia has been eliminated.  The first Route 20 towards Benicia trip will begin at Sereno Transit Center at 8:30 am.
  • Route 78
    Updated multiple Westbound Route 78 departure times to improve connections with revised BART schedule.
  • Route 85
    Updated weekday and weekend timepoint at Fairgrounds (Six Flags) Southbound (Inbound), decreased time to allow for transfers at Sereno Transit Center.

To better align buses to board passengers at the Sereno Transit Center, bus stops have been relocated. See below for bus stop reassignments:

  • Stops for Southbound Routes 1, 2, 5 and 85 have relocated to the bus bay closest to Sereno Drive.
  • Stops for Southbound Route 4 and 80, Northbound Route 2 and 85 and Napa Vine Route 11 have relocated to the middle bus bay.
  • Stops for Northbound Routes 1, 5, and Eastbound Route 20 have relocated to the bus bay closest to the apartment complex.

Bus stop signs within the Sereno Transit Center will be updated to reflect the changes on Sunday, April 8, 2018.

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