July 2018 Service Improvements, Routes and Fares


Routes in affect:

New Yellow Line: The Yellow Line is replacing the Route 78.  Printable Yellow Line Schedule

  • Summary of changes, the Yellow Line will:
    • No longer serve the stop at Napa and Curtola East and Westbound trips.
    • Pick up at all current Route 78 stops on Military West in Benicia, including the stops at the high school at 11th Street on East and Westbound trips.
    • No longer serve Diablo Valley College directly, but will continue to have stops on Contra Costa Blvd.
    • Better transfers with BART and Vallejo Ferry.
    • Only serve Pleasant Hill BART weekday A.M. trips
    • Walnut Creek BART served on all trips

For more information about the SolanoExpress Planning visit the link.

Route 80 and 85 Minor time updates: The last two trips of the P.M. Weekday Route 80 and 85 were adjusted by 5 minutes to better serve transfers from the 85 to the 80.

Route 85 will now depart from Fairfield Solano Mall at:

  • 9:02pm and arrive at VTC at 9:50 (Route 85 will arrive at VTC prior to 9:50pm Rt 80 departure)
  • 10:02pm and arrive at VTC at 10:50 (Route 85 will arrive at VTC prior to 10:50pm Rt 80 departure)

Route 80 will now depart VTC at:

  • 9:50pm and arrive at El Cerrito del Norte BART at 10:13pm
  • 10:50pm and arrive at El Cerrito del Norte BART at 11:13pm



  • New Reduced  Outside County Express 31-Day Pass: New pass for Seniors 65+, disabled and Medicare qualified
  • New Solano County Travel Express Fares: Fares on the SolTrans Route 85 are reduced. See Fare Structure below for all pass types.
    • SolanoExpress 31-Day paper passes and paper Day Passes are valid on all SolanoExpress buses and local systems operated by SolTrans and FAST (Fairfield and Suisun Transit) .
    • Some trips require additional fare.
    • New fares will be in effect on Clipper July 1, 2018.
    • Clipper SolanoExpress 31-Day passes will be valid systemwide in the near future, however, in the interim these passes will be valid on the system for which it were purchased. For example:  A 31-Day pass  Yellow, 80, or 85 Lines (operated by SolTrans) will not be valid on the  Blue or Green Express (operated by FAST).
    • SolanoExpress Day Passes will not be available on Clipper.

SolTrans Updated Fare Schedule:

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