CalACT/RTAP Small Bus Safety Roadeo, Hosted by SolTrans

On March 3rd and 4th, 2018, SolTrans hosted their first Small Bus Roadeo at their Operations Facility in Vallejo.

“We were very excited to host the 2018 CalACT/ RTAP Small Bus Driver Safety Roadeo this year and everyone had so much fun. I can see us participating in future years,” said SolTrans General Services Manager Pat Carr.

This two-day event had bus safety and training incorporated into the programming, as well as competitive driving and wheelchair-securement skills, judging.

SolTrans reached out to the community for local judges, including Vallejo Mayor Bob Sampayan who by all accounts, and by looking at the pictures, had the best time. SolTrans staff and families had a great time cheering for their favorite drivers and celebrating Sunday at the end-of-day BBQ and awards ceremony.

The first-place driver received a scholarship to compete at the National Roadeo in Pittsburgh, PA this past summer and we are sure, win or lose, the driver had a great time!

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