SolTrans Summer Service Improvements!

Effective July 1, 2018, SolTrans welcomed the new Yellow Line, updated fare structure including the newly reduced Solano County Express Travel fare, and minor adjustments to the Route 80 and Route 85.

The Yellow Line replaced Route 78. The Yellow Line service was developed in partnership with the Solano Transportation Authority, to implement revisions that will simplify service, reduce duplication, meet performance standards and connect Solano cities and beyond even better than before.  For schedule and maps visit the SolTrans website.

SolTrans has updated the current fare structure, including a newly Reduced 31-Day Express Pass and the new Solano County Travel Fare which will allow you to travel on the Route 85 for a reduced price. Please visit the SolTrans website for the new updated fare table.

The minor adjustments to the last two weekday evening buses, Route 80 and Route 85, allow for better transfers and connection to BART. All July 1st service change information can be found on the SolTrans homepage.

Also, in partnership with the Solano Transportation Authority, FAST, City Coach and Solano Community College, SolTrans will offer free rides to Solano Community College students (with a valid student ID) on all SolTrans Local Routes, locally on the Yellow Line and Route 85. Solano Community College has campuses in Vallejo, Fairfield and Vacaville.

“This is a really exciting time of the year for students; SolTrans is happy to help with transportation to and from school,” said SolTrans Executive Director Beth Kranda.

For all agency information and promotions, visit or call (707) 648-4666.

To see this in a PDF click here: 20180905 SolTrans Sun Service

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