Advisory Committee

SolTrans promotes an open and inclusive public involvement process.

Public Advisory Committee

The Public Advisory Committee (PAC) consists of nine members of the public with demonstrated expertise or special interest in transit issues and who reside within the boundaries of the agencies that they represent. Each Member Agency (the City of Benicia, Solano Transportation Authority, and the City of Vallejo) appoints three members of the public to serve on this committee. The PAC reviews and comments to the SolTrans Board on the following matters:

i. Service and fare adjustments,

ii. Development of Short Range Transit Plans, and

iii. Review of SolTrans’ annual work plan.

The PAC typically convenes once per quarter (or as needed).

City of Benicia Representatives
Ginger Burnett (term expires 7/31/2023)
Daniel Smith
Solano Transportation Authority Representatives
Tom Bartee
LaGuan Lea, Jr. (term expires 4/10/2022)
Cynthia Tanksley (term expires 5/8/2022)
City of Vallejo Representatives
Richard Burnett (term expires 6/30/2022)
Michael Milan (term expires 6/30/2022)
Drew Skau (term expires 6/30/2022)

Appointments shall continue until a successor is duly appointed by the representing agency, unless a term expiration is specified above. Interested citizens may contact the Clerk’s offices of the representing agencies above if they wish to apply to fill one of the current or upcoming vacancies.

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