2018 Comprehensive Operational Analysis

Working Paper 3: Service Alternatives Analysis Released

In the Resources section below, catch up with the most recent stage of the COA. The third working paper looks at all of the potential service alternatives and measures their feasibility and cost-effectiveness.

YouTube: Wanna Know More About the COA?

Watch this short 2-minute video to get up to speed about the SolTrans COA. A longer 15-minute video with detailed data and information is available in the resources below.

Press Release: SolTrans Revising Local Routes and Services — Request for Public Input

SolTrans would like to invite the public to assist with the revising of local service. SolTrans staff will host several public meetings and workshops to improve its local routes, the General Public Dial-A-Ride and Local Taxi Scrip services. Your feedback will ensure that we are providing the best service to connect customers to the places they live, work and visit.

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Local Routes Reenvisioned

SolTrans is evaluating its local routes, General Public Dial-A-Ride and Local Taxi Scrip in order to restructure these services. We need to hear from you–yes YOU–to make sure we make the right changes. Join us at our upcoming public meetings.

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COA 2018 – Working Paper 3: Service Alternatives Analysis
COA 2018 – Video: SolTrans 2018 Comprehensive Analysis (14:05)
COA 2018_Current System Public Presentation
COA 2018 – Working Paper 2: Existing System Analysis
COA 2018 – Working Paper 1: Market Analysis