COA: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the stop at ____ be removed?

The proposed changes do not call for the removal of stops. However, stops may be realigned and served by a route different from the one currently serving it. For example, Ascot/Georgia is proposed to be served by the Route 6, instead of the Route 8 in the proposed changes.

In the new proposal, how will you be providing service to Gateway Plaza and Solano Community College?

The proposed changes to the Route 7, will provide clockwise and counter-clockwise service to Gateway Plaza and Solano Community College every 30 minutes. The proposed Route 7 will also connect to all other local routes, allowing for connections at several locations, including downtown Vallejo, Sereno Transit Center, Kaiser Medical Center, Gateway Plaza, Solano Community College and Springs Road.

Will the proposed, subsidized-Lyft service be 24/7?

SolTrans is proposing to have the subsidized-Lyft service reflect the new local bus service hours 6 AM – 9 PM.

Will you still be serving Vallejo/Benicia Unified schools?

The proposed changes do not call for the removal of service to any Vallejo/Benicia Unified schools that are currently served by SolTrans routes. However, the routes that serve the schools may change, such that a different route provides service to that school in the COA proposals.

In the the new proposal, will the Route 7 go in both directions?

Yes, the proposed changes for the Route 7 include providing the route in both the clockwise and counter-clockwise directions every 30 minutes. This is what we are referring to as bidirectional.