MyRide: Route 38 Bus Stop ID Numbers

Locate your Bus Stop ID in the list below, then text MR and your Bus Stop ID to 321123 to see the next bus arriving at your stop. The list of stops is in order from the start to the end of the route in each direction as the bus travels.

TimepointStreet Name

End of Glen Cove

Glen Cove Pkwy at Bayside (End of Line)MR822025
Glen Cove Pkwy at Sea LionMR822026
Glen Cove Pkwy at James RiverMR822027
Glen Cove Pkwy at Glen Cove MarinaMR822029
Glen Cove Pkwy at Camino Del SolMR822030
Glen Cove Pkwy at S RegattaMR822031
Glen Cove Pkwy at Glen Cove Elem School (N Regatta)MR822032
Glen Cove Pkwy at BermudaMR822033
Glen Cove Pkwy at WellfleetMR822034
Fulton Ave at Old Glen Cove RdMR822083
Fulton Ave at Ladera DrMR822084
Coronel at FultonMR822066

Beverly Hills Elementary

Beverly Hills Elementary (Coronel at Alhambra)MR822067
Alhambra at LaurelMR822068
Laurel at DentonMR822063

Magazine/Lincoln Rd E

Magazine at Gary (Lincoln Rd E)MR822085
Benicia at CedarMR822070
Benicia at MapleMR822071
Benicia at Home AcresMR822072
Benicia at TaylorMR822073

Benicia Rd/Rollingwood

Benicia at Rollingwood DrMR822074
Rollingwood at BeniciaMR822036
Rollingwood at KeatsMR822038
Rolllingwood NB & BaywoodMR822098
Rollingwood at CottonwoodMR822089
Rollingwood at Springs (Vallejo Adult School)MR822088
Springs at Rollingwood (Springhill Shopping Center)MR822082
Columbus Pkwy at Springs RdMR824062
Columbus Pkwy at Tennessee StMR824063

Ascot Pkwy/Columbus

Columbus Parkway at AscotMR824020
Ascot at SunriseMR824022
Ascot opp Wardlaw Park EastMR824023
Redwood at OakwoodMR824037
Redwood at FoothillMR824042
Redwood WB FS 1st Adm CallaghanMR824040
Admiral Callaghan at RotaryMR824044
Admiral Callaghan at Vallejo Corners (Target)MR824005
Plaza Dr at Admiral Callaghan (Gateway Plaza North)MR824045

Gateway Plaza

Plaza Dr at Turner Pkwy (Gateway Plaza/Costco)MR824006