Get Scheduled and Real-Time SolTrans departure information for ANY bus on ANY route at ANY stop!


MyRide monitors the real-time location of all SolTrans buses in operation.  Find real-time and scheduled information whether at a desktop computer, cell phone or other mobile device. 

Plan your trip with these easy steps:

  1. Select the Route you want below, find your stop on the map and double-click on it. A window will open listing the scheduled (SDT) and estimated (EDT) departures times for buses at that stop.
  2. Or select the Stops button to find your bus stop by street name or stop ID number, and access both real-time and scheduled departures for that stop.

From mobile devices:

  1. Text your Bus Stop ID to 321123
  2. OR Get the “MyStop Mobile” app  MyStop App
    • iPhone 
    • Android
    • All other Smartphone users use the mobile site below.