SolTrans ADA Paratransit Bus Service

To reserve a trip for a certified paratransit rider, please call (707) 649-5401

SolTrans ADA Paratransit bus service is available to qualified, certified persons with disabilities unable to board a regular SolTrans fixed route bus, access a SolTrans bus stop, or otherwise navigate the regular fixed route bus system due to a disabling condition as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  This does not include disabilities that only make use of accessible transit service difficult or inconvenient.

SolTrans Paratransit provides shared ride, origin to destination bus service by advance appointment.  Service operates parallel to the fixed route system, during the same hours and days.  SolTrans ADA Paratransit fares are listed on the Fare Structure tab of our website.

Eligibility and Information:  (707) 541-7184

Posted August 20, 2015

New SolTrans Regional Paratransit Program

Effective August 31, 2015

In order to provide more efficient service to our Paratransit riders, we’ve made some changes in the way we provide service within and out of Solano County. SolTrans is modifying its “Paratransit Plus” service for trips that travel beyond the local service area of Benicia and Vallejo. To continue to provide our ADA certified riders with regional connections, we are providing the alternative services:

  1. SolTrans Local Paratransit Feeder to Fixed-Route (Route 78, 80, and 85)
  2. SolTrans Regional Shuttle Service for Solano County, West Contra Costa County (HWY 80 corridor) , and East Contra Costa (HWY 680 corridor)
  3. Solano County Intercity Taxi Scrip

For more information please visit the  New Regional Paratransit Program page


Posted January 2, 2015

Proposed SolTrans Regional Paratransit Policy

In order to provide quality, mandated ADA Paratransit service for our riders, we are proposing some changes in the way we provide service to destinations outside of the SolTrans service area in Benicia and Vallejo. SolTrans is no longer able to provide “Paratransit Plus” service out of the local service area.

For more information and service change meeting dates visit Proposed SolTrans Paratransit Regional PolicyWe encourage you to submit your feedback by February 27, 2015


Effective July 1, 2015 


Effective May 1, 2014


Effective July 1, 2013

NEW for SolTrans Paratransit : ADA In-Person Eligibility Assessment Process

SolTrans and all the Solano County Operators, in partnership with the Solano Transportation Authority, are implementing a new In-Person ADA Eligibility Assessment Process.  The old paratransit paper application will no longer be used.

Click the link for more details: Link to New ADA Eligibility Assessment Process


Effective March 1, 2013

SolTrans ADA Paratransit Passenger No-Show Policy

SolTrans ADA Paratransit Passenger No Show Policy

SolTrans has adopted a new ADA Paratransit Passenger No-Show policy in an effort to bring our riders more efficient paratransit service, and to be up-to-date with FTA findings, best practices, and community input.

View the No-Show Policy by clicking here:  ADA Paratransit Passenger No-Show Policy.