Solano County Intercity Taxi Scrip Program

What are the Changes?

  • Current scrip vouchers will be replaced with a pre-paid, refillable taxi debit card.

  • This change will provide ease and flexibility to pay for trips and purchase additional scrip.
  • You will no longer have to wait in line to purchase intercity taxi scrip.
  • ADA qualified, Ambulatory and non-Ambulatory riders will now have access to intercity transportation.

  • There is NO CHANGE to the cost for the program.

When will these changes take place?

July 2018, for ADA qualified SolTrans customers living in Benicia and Vallejo.

What do I have to do?

Current ADA qualified customers using Intercity Taxi Scrip need to call, email or stop by our Solano Mobility Call Center. We will need to confirm your information and issue you a pre-paid taxi debit card.

Solano Mobility Call Center: Weekdays 7am – 5pm Suisun City Train Depot, 177 Main Street, Suisun City 

Phone: 800-535-6883

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Rider Alert: ADA ID Pilot Fare Program Ending

Effective Thursday, November 1, 2018

The pilot programs that allowed SolTrans ADA paratransit certified customers to pay a discounted fare of $0.25 on local buses and $0.50 on express buses will end October 31, 2018.
Solano County ADA Paratransit ID cardholders can show their card to pay the Reduced fare listed in SolTrans fare schedule. Reduced fares are listed in bus schedules available at the Vallejo Transit Center Ticket Office and on our website here.

ADA ID Pilot Fare Program Expiration Flier

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Waterfront Weekend is here!

October 6th and 7th, 2018

Take the FREE SolTrans Community Shuttle all Waterfront Weekend, to explore Vallejo and Mare Island’s historical landmarks, museums and art studios:

Saturday 12-5:15 pm

Sunday 12- 3:15 pm

Service every 15 minutes starting at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal with stops at:

  • Vallejo Ferry Terminal
  • Vallejo Transit Center
  • Vallejo Yacht Club, Corner of Florida and Mare Island Way
  • Vino Godfather Winery
  • St. Peter’s Chapel/ Mare Island Museum
  • Vallejo Ferry, Mare Island Terminal
  • Coal Shed Studios, at Nimitz and 4th Street
  • Vallejo Yacht Club

Bring your Vallejo Waterfront Festival brochure 2018 to ride SolTrans Local Bus Routes FREE to Waterfront Weekend during festival hours on Saturday, October 6, 2018 from 10 am – 9 pm, and Sunday, October 7, 2018 from 10 am – 4 pm.

For more information about Waterfront Weekend, visit

Event Map and Destination Key:



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Buy One Get One!

When?    September 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019 or until supplies last

What?    Buy One Get One Free Solano Express 31-Day Pass

Who?      You are eligible to apply if you:

  • Live or work in Contra Costa County.
  • Are 18 years of age or older.
  • Would otherwise drive alone to/from work if SolTrans Yellow Line or 80 were not available.
  • Agree to complete a post-program survey to determine the effectiveness of this promotion.

To download the application, click  HERE

Promotion rules:

  • One free pass per person and per household during promotion period of September 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 while funding is available.
  • SolTrans must serve your home-to-work and/or work-to-home commute.
  • Please be advised verification of the information you provide may be required.
  • SolTrans and 511 Contra Costa reserve the right to make any changes to the rules or to terminate this promotion at any time without prior notification.
  • If you have participated in 511 Contra Costa BOGO or Drive Less incentive program during the promotion period, you are not eligible for this BOGO offer.


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SolTrans Summer Service Improvements!

Effective July 1, 2018, SolTrans welcomed the new Yellow Line, updated fare structure including the newly reduced Solano County Express Travel fare, and minor adjustments to the Route 80 and Route 85.

The Yellow Line replaced Route 78. The Yellow Line service was developed in partnership with the Solano Transportation Authority, to implement revisions that will simplify service, reduce duplication, meet performance standards and connect Solano cities and beyond even better than before.  For schedule and maps visit the SolTrans website.

SolTrans has updated the current fare structure, including a newly Reduced 31-Day Express Pass and the new Solano County Travel Fare which will allow you to travel on the Route 85 for a reduced price. Please visit the SolTrans website for the new updated fare table.

The minor adjustments to the last two weekday evening buses, Route 80 and Route 85, allow for better transfers and connection to BART. All July 1st service change information can be found on the SolTrans homepage.

Also, in partnership with the Solano Transportation Authority, FAST, City Coach and Solano Community College, SolTrans will offer free rides to Solano Community College students (with a valid student ID) on all SolTrans Local Routes, locally on the Yellow Line and Route 85. Solano Community College has campuses in Vallejo, Fairfield and Vacaville.

“This is a really exciting time of the year for students; SolTrans is happy to help with transportation to and from school,” said SolTrans Executive Director Beth Kranda.

For all agency information and promotions, visit or call (707) 648-4666.

To see this in a PDF click here: 20180905 SolTrans Sun Service

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CalACT/RTAP Small Bus Safety Roadeo, Hosted by SolTrans

On March 3rd and 4th, 2018, SolTrans hosted their first Small Bus Roadeo at their Operations Facility in Vallejo.

“We were very excited to host the 2018 CalACT/ RTAP Small Bus Driver Safety Roadeo this year and everyone had so much fun. I can see us participating in future years,” said SolTrans General Services Manager Pat Carr.

This two-day event had bus safety and training incorporated into the programming, as well as competitive driving and wheelchair-securement skills, judging.

SolTrans reached out to the community for local judges, including Vallejo Mayor Bob Sampayan who by all accounts, and by looking at the pictures, had the best time. SolTrans staff and families had a great time cheering for their favorite drivers and celebrating Sunday at the end-of-day BBQ and awards ceremony.

The first-place driver received a scholarship to compete at the National Roadeo in Pittsburgh, PA this past summer and we are sure, win or lose, the driver had a great time!

To see this Story as a PDF click here: 20180905 SolTrans Sun Roadeo

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SolTrans Rider, Dennis Robinson, “Cheaper by the Mile”

Having your car break down can be a hassle. The convenience and freedom of being able to jump into your car and go is lost. So is the cost and problems that cars can create. Cars need fuel, oil, tires, brakes and many other items that need repair and replacement over time. You also have to register and insure them. It is a lot, financially and time-wise, to keep up with. We recently talked with one of our riders, Dennis Robinson, on why he made the switch to public transit and it is those very costs that caused him to make the change.

Dennis grew up in Vallejo in the late 50’s, in what many would describe as the golden age of the automobile in the United States. An Air Force brat, he moved to Vallejo when he was 8 with his family. He loved having his own car and the freedom it provided. When faced with the increasing cost of his vehicles upkeep, he decided to give the bus a try. Four years later he is glad about his decision. There is a trade-off of “cost for convenience” with taking public transit but Dennis says that it has been worth it. The bus stop near his home is only a block away, so it is only a short walk. He loves the SolTrans’ MyRide app for his phone. It allows him, and the rest of the SolTrans riders, to know how far away the bus is. Knowing when the bus will arrive at his stops saves him time by allowing him to leave at just the right time to be able to meet his bus and not have to waste a moment standing at the bus stop.

He also enjoys the drivers. “They are always so friendly to me,” Dennis reports, “and when you ride regularly it’s great to see the same drivers and have them remember you…that is important to me.” When asked what he enjoys the most, he cites: “the convenience and the cleanliness of the buses”. Dennis also served in the Air Force and he is a disabled veteran, which means that money is also a big factor. He notes that he is retired now and operating on a fixed income and that cost savings of taking public transportation is significant.

Dennis tells us; “I am able to get around all over Vallejo with the bus. I just check on the app to see when the next one is coming by and then I walk on down to the stop when I see that it is getting close. I take it to get to my doctor’s appointment, to go out and get something to eat, I take it to get out to do my shopping and do other things around town. I have even used it to connect to BART too. It gets me to where I need to go when I need to be there and it saves me money.”

That is what we strive to do for our riders. We want to get them where they need to go when they need to be there and we want it to be convenient, clean and cost-effective. We know that it may be easier to take your own car often times but we want our future riders to know what current riders already do. “The convenience of a car comes with a cost and often times public transportation is not only less expensive but just as convenient as driving yourself.” The entire team at SolTrans looks forward to getting you to where you need to go.

To see a PDF version of this story click here: 20180905 SolTrans Sun Rider

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NEXT New General Manager – Stephanie Maher

Stephanie has worked for National Express for the last 8 years. Coming from the UK, she held various operational roles in the transit business there, including managing one of NX’s largest operations of 550 drivers and 220 buses with revenues exceeding £32m. During her time in the UK she won the internal UK Garage of the Year competition in 2015, and won Young Manager of the Year at the Industry UK Bus awards in 2016.

Stephanie is passionate about utilizing new technologies to their full potential with a key emphasis on staff engagement and empowerment to move the industry forward. She moved to the US business, originally on a 1yr project, in June 2017 as a Process Improvement Manager based in our corporate head office in Lisle where she’s been focused on improving school bus billing. She loved it so much she decided to stay, but only if she was allowed to move back to an operational role! She is close to completing her MBA in business from a UK university, and is currently working on her final project about integrated transport systems in the US. She has embraced the US culture and has found a love for watching US sports, after supporting the Cubs in Chicago she’s still undecided about whether to root for the Athletics or the Giants!

To see a PDF version of this story click here: 20180905 SolTrans Sun NEXT

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7-Year Anniversary Celebration with FilAm Chamber of Commerce

On Wednesday, July 18, 2018, SolTrans celebrated their 7-year anniversary and the local community came out to commend the agency on a job well done.

SolTrans hosted the FilAm Chamber of Commerce Mixer and used this event to mark 7 years that they have been in operation. Local city officials and elected government leaders all came out to show their support.

There were a lot of prizes and great refreshments to mark this event and all that came had a great time!

To see a PDF version of this story click here: 20180905 SolTrans Sun FilAm

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Special Discount Fairs and promotions


  • Vallejo School District Parent Symposium
  • Unity Day Vallejo
  • SoFit City Fitness Festival


  • Vallejo Waterfront Weekend
  • North Bay Stand Down


  • “Ride & Buy Local” Thanksgiving Weekend
  • Senior Luncheon Thanksgiving Shuttle
  • Shopping Saturdays Thanksgiving to New Years


  • Benicia Tree Lighting
  • December Ride Local for $0.25/$1.00 day-pass and Weekend FREE
  • Mad Hatter Holiday Festival & Tree Lighting

To see a PDF version of this story click here:20180905 SolTrans Sun discounts

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Ride Free to the SoFit City Event

Come support your city in Solano County by participating in the SoFit City Challenge and SolTrans will take care of the driving.

Event:                SoFit City 
 Solano Community College, 400 Suisun Valley Rd, Fairfield CA
Sunday, September 30, 2018
 FREE with SoFit City Flier or Race Day Bib, Printable SoFit City Flier

SolTrans will provide free service to participants in this year’s SoFit City Event. Just show the driver your race day bib or event flier and ride the bus for free to and from the event. Special Route Schedule Below:

Vallejo Transit Center Sereno Transit Center Solano Community College, Fairfield Solano Community College, Fairfield  Sereno Transit Center Vallejo Transit Center
7:15 7:25 7:45 11:45 12:05 12:10


SOFITCITY is a regional walk/run series to build healthier communities and fitter kids. Each city competes with neighboring city teams for the greatest number of runners and the distinction of ‘Fittest City’ in the region. They welcome all new and first-time runners! For more information and to register for all the events visit SoFit Challenge

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