Rider Alert: Temporary Route 7 Detour

Effective April 27, 2014:

Due to road closures on Redwood Parkway and Ascot Parkway for the Vallejo 10K Race, Route 7 service will not serve the following stops until 12:00 PM:

- Springs Rd. & Avian Dr.

- Avian Dr. & Tennessee St.

- Columbus Pkwy & Ascot Pkwy

- Ascot Pkwy & Locust Dr.

- Ascot Pkwy & Sunrise Way

- Ascot Pkwy & Redwood (Jesse Bethel)

- Redwood Pkwy & Oakwood Dr.

 Sunday, April 27, 2014

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Limited Service Route April 28, 2014

SolTrans will provide limited service on Monday, April 28, 2014 for those interested in attending an event for Workers Memorial Day in Concord, CA.

The event will take place at Todos Santos Plaza in Condord. Attendees will meet at the Concord BART station and walk 4 blocks to Todos Santos Plaza. Event will be held 4:30-6:30pm on April 28, 2014.

More information about the event can be found at the organizer’s website here.

 Click here for a printable schedule for limited fixed route service to the event or view the schedule below:

Workers Memorial flyer 4.28.14


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Press Release: New legislation enables significant improvements to Vallejo park and ride facility

 New legislation enables significant improvements to Vallejo park and ride facility

SolTrans welcomes SB 1368 by Senator Lois Wolk

Vallejo, CA –New legislation by State Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis) to enable Solano County Transit (SolTrans), in partnership with the Solano Transportation Authority (a member agency of SolTrans), to modernize and expand the “SolTrans Curtola Park and Ride Hub” in Vallejo, a vital transportation hub in Solano County, is moving through the Legislature this year.

Wolk’s Senate Bill 1368 would allow Caltrans to transfer its property surrounding the Curtola Park and Ride to SolTrans, the public transportation provider for the Cities of Benicia and Vallejo.  The bill would give SolTrans full authority to make significant improvements to the facility including expanded parking capacity for commuters, new electric vehicle charging stations, a new transit center, and enhanced casual carpool and passenger drop-off and waiting facilities.

“SB 1368 will expedite the tedious process currently required before CalTrans will allow SolTrans to independently improve CalTrans’ portion of this Park and Ride Hub,” said Wolk.  “This measure will enable SolTrans to provide local commuters improved and expanded services and will encourage more Solano County residents to carpool, use public transportation and other environmentally-friendly methods of transportation.”

Currently, the Curtola Park and Ride facility is utilized by approximately 600 daily commuters traveling to and from San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties for work, school, and other life needs.

“SolTrans’ Board of Directors thanks Senator Wolk for writing a bill that recognizes the importance of allowing local jurisdictions to respond to citizen needs in the most efficient and expeditious manner,” said Mark Hughes, Chairperson of the SolTrans Board of Directors.  “SolTrans prides itself on delivering safe, reliable and efficient transportation services that link people, jobs, and communities.  Senator Wolk knows that by allowing SolTrans to gain full ownership of the property at the SolTrans Curtola Park and Ride Hub, the agency will be able to focus solely on and respond to local transportation needs.”

Wolk’s legislation will benefit SolTrans and other Joint Powers Authorities (JPA) throughout the State of California that are responsible for building, operating and maintaining infrastructure aimed at increasing the use of public transit, active transportation modes, and environmentally friendly technologies such as electric-powered vehicles.


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Press Release: SolTrans Finalizes Schedule Changes to Routes 1 & 3

Changes to Routes 1 and 3 which will take effect on Monday, April 7, 2014. These schedule changes were approved by the Board of Directors on February 26, 2014.

Responding to concerns about schedule adherence on Route 1, schedule adjustments to the route will address changing traffic conditions and slower boardings at stops along the route. The proposed schedule changes will be cost-neutral, as they do not require additional financial resources or equipment.

The outreach efforts included transit operators, riders, and the SolTrans Board of Directors and SolTrans staff is grateful for the participation of these groups.

The changes affect only weekday timed stops with most changes falling within 1-5 minutes of their current departures. Actual locations of bus stops for these routes have not changed. Route 1’s first run of the morning is most impacted by the changes as it will shift twenty minutes earlier from the first pick-up of 5:50am to 5:30am. For a full listing of the proposed schedule changes, please click here or collect a flyer on board any local fixed-route bus.

To view the press release, click here.

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Press Release: SolTrans Youth Day Pass Discount

SolTrans is pleased to offer Discounted Local Youth Day Passes from March 24, 2014 to April 6, 2014.  The specially priced passes are available to anyone between 6 and 18 years old and will be discounted from $3.00 to $2.00.  Passes can be used on all SolTrans local, fixed routes and are available for purchase onboard the buses only. Discounted Local Youth Day Passes will not be sold at the Vallejo Transit Center Ticket Office or any local vendors.

To view the press release, please click below:

SolTrans Youth Day Pass Promotion

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$1 Off Youth Day Passes March 24-April 6

$1 Off Youth Day Pass

SolTrans will discount Youth Day Passes during Spring Break from Monday, March 24, 2014 to Sunday, April 6, 2014.

Discounted Youth Day Passes are available for purchase same-day onboard all SolTrans local routes only. Regular passes are $3 per day and during the promo period passes will be discounted to $2 per day.

If you have any questions about the promotion, please call SolTrans Customer Service at (707) 648-4666.

$1 Off Local Youth Day Passes Spring 2014


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Approved Schedule Changes to Routes 1 & 3

Schedule Changes to Routes 1 and 3

Effective Monday, April 7, 2014

These changes were implemented to improve on-time performance on Routes 1 & 3.

If you have any questions, please call SolTrans Customer Service at (707) 648-4666. Customer service hours of operation are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.Rt 3 Final Rt 1 Final rev 4-3-14

Updated 4/4/14


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Press Releases: Leadership & 2013 Accomplishments

SolTrans has issued two press releases: the first press release details leadership changes on the Board of Directors as well as a new administrative hire and a second press release details SolTrans’ accomplishments for calendar year 2013 and a brief look at what SolTrans is working on now.

For more information about these notices, please click the press release links below:

SolTrans Leadership Changes

SolTrans Accomplishments and Efforts to Improve Transit Services in South Solano County


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